The problem I faced when I first started was (and still is) the explosion of marketing information.

I guess you are too, like me, overwhelmed by the vast amounts of knowledge sitting inside never ending posts, aimed mainly to lure more and more users onto their site.

I then started summarizing those long pieces of information into short actionable techniques. A few colleague marketers and internet companies started using the actionable techniques and the feedback was great, as well as their demand for moreā€¦

Along with a group of talented marketers and tech guys we developed a system for monitoring and harvesting the best of what the web has to offer in the digital marketing arena. We then manually summarize these great pieces of content into short, simple and actionable techniques called Growth Hacks.

Today I offer this endless flow of information to you.
You will find that this approach to marketing is truly effective. It has helped me build very successful websites, which attracted more than 1,000,000 unique users all together.

Yours sincerely
Ron Stark.